Clare Hall, University of Cambridge
Photo © MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology

“Being part of Clare Hall was, and still is, an altogether enriching experience”

Dr Wasi Faruqi received an MBE last year, for work completed over many years at the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology. Here Wasi shares a little about his career, and what he most values about being a Life Member of Clare Hall.

I was introduced to Clare Hall in 1986 by Murray Stewart, a colleague from the MRC-LMB who was a Fellow of the College.
At that time an eminent Structural Biologist, Sir Michael Stoker was the President and Dr Leslie Barnett, another colleague from the LMB, was Senior Tutor at Clare Hall. Although it helped to know a few people it was soon clear from the friendly atmosphere that one did not need long to meet and get to know new people. In this respect the seating arrangements at meals were a great help, as they encouraged mixing.

The work cited in the MBE record is for developing detectors for electron microscopy

The MRC-LMB, Cambridge

You could be sitting between a postgraduate student and a retired Professor

Clare Hall’s dining table set up for lunch; photo: Jeremy Peters

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